Starting Solids Workshop

Baby aged 3-6 months? Had you just started to feel like you were getting to grips with parenting?

And now it's time to start to think about introducing your baby to food!

You might be full of questions, you might be completely overwhelmed at all the information available, opinions offered or you might be feeling anxious about starting solids.

Maybe someone suggested your baby needs food to help them sleep, maybe you feel they are hungry, or big or small and need some food. When is the right time to start introducing solids?

Once you start looking into you will find varying information. The baby food in the supermarket saying from 4 months, your Health Visitor saying 6 months, friends and family telling you what they did. This course will give you the evidence, explain what to look for to see if your baby is ready and help you feel confident you are making the right decision.

That's just the first question! Does it matter which meal? What if they sleep through a meal time? What food should you start with? Does it matter if it is sweet or savoury? What foods should be avoided? Puree or finger foods? Or lumpy food? What about spices? What happens to the milk? Do they need water? How do you get the balance right? What equipment do you need? Can you avoid a fussy eater? How do you avoid some of the issues around food that you may have? What about allergies? What the heck is baby led weaning? Can you combine approaches? What about choking?

In this session we will answer all your questions remembering that there is no one-size fits all approach and only you know what will work best for your baby and your family. You will be able to assess the current evidence and information and find what works for you.

At the end you will be feeling confident, relaxed and even excited as you head towards this next big stage of your baby's development.

Covers: baby led weaning, spoon feeding, purees, difference between before and after 6 months, signs of readiness, combining approaches, drinks/milk, snacks, meal ideas. 

Join a group session or we can arrange a private group if you have friends with similar age babies (minimum 4) or maybe you would prefer a private session just for you.

Online group £30 per family                                Face to face group £40 per family